"DAS Exam" Award Ceremony

Cultivating students' passion for the German languageDas Exam and their teachersDr Gabriele Maluga, Sabine Winton MLA, and WAGBA President Stephan Kirsch with successful students of the "DAS Exam" and their teachers.

The “DAS Exam” (Deutsch Australisches Sprach Examen) has been offered to students for around 60 years. The initiative was initially created for high school students, but these days it is also offered to Years Five and Six. The award ceremony of “DAS Exam” is typically held annually to celebrate the most successful students.

For the past 2 years the award ceremony was not held due to Covid restrictions. However, on Thursday the 15 September 2022, we had the pleasure to celebrate the great success of young children learning a foreign language in Australia with the recipients of the first, second and third prize winners of Division 5, 6 and 7 of this year’s “DAS Exam”. The event was held at the Rhein Donau Club and attended by students and teachers from four Primary Schools and five High Schools in the Perth metropolitan area. Overall, some 80 students, family members, teachers, principals and special guests were present and created an outstanding atmosphere.

The ceremony was organised and hosted by the Teachers' Association of German Western Australia (TAGWA) and proudly supported by the West Australian German Business Association (WAGBA), The Honorary Consul of Germany, the Department of Education and the Rhein Donau Club.

Speeches by Sabine Winton MLA, Dr Gabriele Maluga and Stephan Kirsch - all three carry a solid German background, but live in Australia for many years - outlined the importance of learning foreign languages as a vehicle for bi-lingual bonding, cultural integration, understanding and creation of common values and many more aspects for both social life and personal development.

The event was very well organized by TAGWA. The incredible atmosphere amongst all students, their families, teachers and other guests was an advertisement for German language learning at the participating schools and it was a great encouragement for the students and teachers to attend next year again.



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