German Reading Program for Western Australian Students of the Goethe Society WA

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WAGBA is excited to share support for the Goethe Society WA by means of newly launched reading portal for students of Western Australia.

Learning by means of reading portal

The reading portal Antolin is an online portal aimed at making reading more fun and interactive for school children, especially from grades 1 to 10.

Finding ways to motivate children and adolescents to read can be challenging. However, Antolin has come up with an innovative way of making reading more rewarding for the pupils. In addition, the reading portal creates graphs and analyses data which makes it easier for teachers to identify areas individual students are struggling with.

How does it work?

The portal can only be accessed through a school, library, or similar educational institution. The teachers create virtual classrooms and add their students (who receive a username and password) can access the program from home.

The teachers/students can then choose which book to read. Once finished, the students can log into their accounts and start testing how well they understood the story. The mascot, a raven, now guides the readers through multiple-choice questions. Correct answers are rewarded with points. The raven also takes away points for wrong answers, so the focus is really on comprehension, and not just clicking and hoping. 

Our teachers have also incorporated Antolin into our classes by using shorter texts (Wissen und Nachrichten) which allow the pupils to collect points. 

The Goethe Society WA, Inc. would like to thank WAGBA for sponsoring the license to access Antolin, so that the 130 students at our Language School at Tuart College can use the online portal.

The feedback from our students, teachers, and parents has been resoundingly positive and all age groups have been bitten by the reading bug. Goethe would have been pleased.



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