GMA Garnet Group's 40th Anniversary

Celebrating 40 years of Excellence

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WAGBA is thrilled to witness our long-term member, GMA Garnet Group (GMA), as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Having been founded in Western Australia, GMA went from being a small company with humble beginnings, to growing into the industry leader it is today – a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

The company was founded with a belief in the potential of garnet. The discovery of a deposit near the coastal town of Port Gregory in WA 40 years ago inspired the founders of GMA Garnet to invest in its potential. “I was fascinated when I saw this pink material, but nobody wanted it. The big miners considered it a nuisance because its abrasiveness messed up their equipment. But I felt there must be a market for it,” recounts GMA founder, former Executive Chairman, and WAGBA committee member Torsten Ketelsen. And with that, a small production facility and a dry processing plant was established at Narngulu in Geraldton WA, as the company slowly began its expansion towards Europe, the Middle East, then the United States – and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Today, GMA has achieved unparalleled milestones within the garnet industry. They are the only global garnet supplier to manage the complete supply chain from source and processing to international distribution, employing over 500 employees, 15 global offices, 10 processing plants and over 180 distributors, strategically located across the globe. Adding the cherry on top, the company has also achieved new peaks in innovation with their New Generation abrasives and reached 650,000 tons of annual garnet sales. As GMA Chief Executive Officer Grant Cox aptly comments in the company’s special 40th anniversary commemorative video, “[we] truly think we have been, […] will continue to be, and strive to be the best in garnet processing and mining in the world”.

What the company truly takes pride in, however – on top of their innovative and pioneering spirit ¬– is GMA’s unwavering commitment to their customers and clients, a quality highly emphasised in the company’s commemorative video. GMA Chief Financial Officer Luke Anderson emphasises that the growth of the business is dependent on the “integrity amongst the people involved, […] the […] high quality product that we produce, and based on a very, very strong focus on customer service”. Naturally, this commitment is evident in GMA’s high performance and specialist services they provide, underscored by the premium quality of their garnet, building the perfect foundation for the business to be a trusted, reliable supplier for garnet all around the world. GMA's customer-centric approach has clearly been the cornerstone of their success and has set them apart as a remarkable example in the industry.

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As GMA commemorates their 40th anniversary, one wonders how the company will look like in the future. To that question CEO Grant Cox responds: “Where will we be in 40 years’ time? I don’t know. But we do those things right, then we’re going to be a sustainable and successful business for many years to come,” referencing the company’s current employees, culture, and working environment. That can surely be expected of the company, with such a strong legacy to build upon, GMA is poised for continued growth, innovation, and global impact.

The 40th anniversary of GMA is not just a celebration of the past; it's a testament to the company's enduring spirit and its dedication to excellence. WAGBA is honoured to celebrate not only the company's achievements, but also the people and values that have been the driving force behind its success. Here's to the continued innovation, success, and making a positive difference in the world – cheers to 40 years of excellence!

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