WAGBA's First Ever "Strategy Workshop"

Charting the Path Forward: WAGBA's Vision for the Future


The WAGBA committee members gathered together at the boardroom of Ketelsen Enterprise on the 5th of September for its first ever strategy workshop, held with the aim of engaging in a brainstorming session with thoughtful discussions to adapt and focus on future strategies for the association. This proactive approach was held in mind of enhancing WAGBA’s adaptability as the association expands within the ever-evolving West Australian business landscape.  

The two-and-a-half-hour workshop commenced with a short introduction by WAGBA President Stephan W Kirsch, who outlined the main objectives of the activity, which were twofold: firstly, to set the course for WAGBA's future and secondly, to shape the association's organizational strategies in light of the post-COVID landscape. With that, the board identified the 4 pillars carrying WAGBA: membership, event planning, communication and information dissemination and administration. 

One of the highlights of the session was the collaborative conception of a WAGBA’s purpose statement, reflecting the core of the association’s goals. The room was abuzz with free-flowing ideas, as the committee collectively arrived at a powerful purpose statement: "Connecting People in Business and Culture." This succinct yet profound statement encapsulates the association’s commitment to fostering connections, bridging cultures, and facilitating meaningful interactions within dynamic, vibrant community that is Western Australia.

In addition to defining WAGBA’s overarching mission, the workshop allowed the attendees to determine the association’s area of focus moving forward. Having determined that the WAGBA members, whose dedication and passion were the driving force behind the association’s success, the committee’s primary objective is to enhance the experiences and opportunities available to the members while simultaneously increasing member engagement. It's an exciting prospect that aligns perfectly with WAGBA’s purpose and sets the stage for a vibrant future. 

To ensure that the committee members are able to effectively execute WAGBA’s newly defined goals, discussions were also held to assign responsibilities among the committee. Each role was assigned to maximize the collective efforts of the committee, with a clear focus on realizing WAGBA's vision for the future.

As the discussions reached their peak, a well-deserved tea break provided attendees with a moment to recharge. Light refreshments and nibbles were served, and allowed the members to socialise in a casual environment that is distinct from the formal setting of the typical board meetings. 

The strategy workshop proved to be a productive platform for WAGBA to reaffirm its commitment to its members and mission. With a clear purpose statement that resonates with the association's values, a renewed focus on enhancing member experiences and engagement, and a passionate committee dedicated to bringing the association to new heights, WAGBA stands poised to continue its journey of connecting people in business and culture. With that, WAGBA would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the attendees for taking the time out of their busy schedules to contribute to the workshop and look forward to the exciting prospects and opportunities that await the association. 

WAGBA Strategy Workshop